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 Ordering Cap/Gown and Diploma for Seniors

To help us order  your graduation cap/gown and diploma, please complete the online order form and click submit. (Order Form is under Special Announcements to the right of this screen).  If you child does not have a middle name, please type N/A in the middle name box.  When submitting your chld's name online, please be aware of all capital letters and spaces when typing.  The way in which the name is submitted is how it will appear on the diploma.

If you have already completed the online order form through Mr. Dodig's ConnectEd message, or have gone online already, please DO NOT submit again. DEADLINE is January 6, 2015 for all orders.  Mail your $45.00 check or money order to:

Staples High School

c/o Karen Romano - Main Office

70 North Avenue

Westport, CT  06880


Seniors: Sending First Quarter Grades to Colleges

Please follow these steps to request 1st quarter grades to be sent to colleges: 1) When your 1st quarter report card becomes available, view on HAC. Review your report card for accuracy. Report cards should be available early next week. 2) Determine which of the colleges that you've applied to require 1st quarter grades by looking at the individual colleges' web sites. Please remember that unless required, you do not have to send. If 1st quarter grades are not required and you are unsure of whether or not to send, feel free to schedule an appointment to see your counselor. 3) Download and complete this form. 4) Return the form to Mrs. Ketley in the Guidance Office between 10:30 and 12:30 beginning on Wednesday, November 5. Forms will not be accepted prior to this date.

Join the New Technology Help Desk! 

Staples will be starting an exciting new resource for students and faculty, a student run technology help desk. If you are interested in being the first group to get the help desk off the ground, please follow the link provided and fill out an application! For more information see Mr. Rogers.

SHS Help Desk Application

From the Athletic Department!

Support the Athletic Department by purchasing Varsity Letter Frames. A portion of the proceeds directlysupports the Staples
Athletic Department. This is a great way to preserve your Varsity letters and pins and makes a great gift idea for current students and alumni. Varsity letter frames are available at www.diplomaframe.com. Stop by the Athletic department to see a sample.

SchoolZapp - Connecticut™

The official iPhone/iPod app of the CIAC, is available for download from the iTunes App Store. Get the most up-to-date info about Staples sports from the CIAC database. Download it at www.casciac.org/scripts/shownews.cgi?story=989.


Order online at shopasf.com. Just click on Staples Wreckerwear. Orders take 7-10 business days and must be picked up in the ASF store.



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