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Guidance: 2015-16 School Year Schedules

We want to welcome all freshmen and new students to Staples High School and welcome back all of our returning students. The first day for all students to report to Staples High School is on Thursday, August 27, 2015. Most students should have a perfect schedule since we assisted students throughout the month of June. If your schedule is correct, there is no need to see your counselor at this time. If you do need to see your counselor regarding your schedule please see below:

Seniors/Juniors - August 27th, lunch periods, Guidance Department (no appointments necessary)

Sophomores/Freshmen - August 28th, lunch periods, Guidance Department (no appointments necessary)

  • No teacher changes, semester changes, or overrides will be permitted. 
  • Please bring a note from home if you wish to drop a class.

Staples High School is looking for Host Families for 13 Exchange Students from Singapore  in November 2015:

Thirteen Host families are needed for  November 14 - 28, 2015.  - Staples High School will again host 13 exchange students (sophomore boys) from The Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore.  This is our third year of partnering with this world class all boys school.

As a host family, you need to be available to provide transportation, meals (primarily breakfast/dinner), single/individual accommodation in your home, and a willingness to expose the students to local social and cultural opportunities. The boys will be taking classes at Staples and partnered up with your child.   All of the students speak English and you do not need to have a boy to participate.  

For more information or to volunteer, please contact the World Languages Department Chair, Maria Zachery, mzachery@westport.k12.ct.us203.341.5131.

From the Athletic Department!

Support the Athletic Department by purchasing Varsity Letter Frames. A portion of the proceeds directlysupports the Staples Athletic Department. This is a great way to preserve your Varsity letters and pins and makes a great gift idea for current students and alumni. Varsity letter frames are available at www.diplomaframe.com. Stop by the Athletic department to see a sample.

SchoolZapp - Connecticut™

The official iPhone/iPod app of the CIAC, is available for download from the iTunes App Store. Get the most up-to-date info about Staples sports from the CIAC database. Download it at www.casciac.org/scripts/shownews.cgi?story=989.


Order online at shopasf.com. Just click on Staples Wreckerwear. Orders take 7-10 business days and must be picked up in the ASF store.



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